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Sydney Walking Tours

I’m Free Tours

This Sydney walking tour is every 10:30 am and 2:30pm every day. This is an easy walking tour to join, you can simply show up at the Town Hall right before the tour will start. This way, you can join the tour. There are no need of signing up for this tour. This tour will take off weather it will rain or shine. Some of the sites that you will see in this Sydney walking tour are the Hyde Park, Circular Quay, Cadman’s Cottage, the ‘Rum’ Hospital, Pitt Street Mall, the Ricks District, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Sydney Opera House. This walking tour will take 3 hours. There is a free map offered in this tour. This is a wonderful tour to be in. You can bring your entire family and have fun in the I’m free tours of the Sydney walking tours. If you are not from Sydney, you need to fly to Sydney first. Book your cheap flights to Sydney and enjoy free walking tours.

Peek Tours

The same as the “I’m Free Tours,” this tour is also a free Sydney walking tour which is available everyday at 10:30am and 2:30pm. You can easily join this tour even without signing up. You can simply go to the Customs House before the tour will take off. This tour ill also take three hours. Some of the wonderful sites that you will experience when you take this tour are the Botanic Gardens, the Government House, the Parliament House, the Rockis District, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Sydney Opera House. This is also an amazing tour to join together with your friends or
your entire family.

Government House Guided Tours

This Sydney walking tour is located at the Royal Botanic Gardens which is in Sydney. This gives guided walking tours around Sydney every weekends. This tour will take about one and a half hour. This tour usually starts at 10:30am and 3pm. This tour will give you a unique experience of the working museum and its unique and rich history. This is a very educational tour. It would be best to bring your children in this tour.

Self-Guided Audio Tours

There are also Sydney walking tours that are self-Guided. There are tours that will not need any guides. You can simply walk around Sydney with a map on your own. It will still be cheaper though, if you have your own guide, because you will know what to buy and you will easily know where to go. You do not have to tip your personal guide too. In a self-Guided tour, you can have a map or a text. You can also have an audio recording to guide you around Sydney. You can simply put these audio recordings on your iPhone and Mp3 player. There are certain websites where you can download your audio recordings that will guide you in your walking tour in Sydney.

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